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The C&B More team is young, driven and ambitious. We provide tax advice in the maritime sector, to Director/Majority Shareholders, and Foundations and Institutions for the Promotion of the Public Interest. However, we also extend a warm welcome to other sectors. Our services range from advice to tax returns. Meet our team below and learn more about the expertise we have to offer. Can we offer further assistance?

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We would like to introduce our new associate partner Ms. Gülsev Yıldızturan

We are excited to announce that Ms. Gülsev Yıldızturan has joined C&B More since April 2021. We are growing rapidly and Gülsev will be expanding our international tax services! We are delighted to welcome Ms. Gülsev Yıldızturan since her 10 years of experience in international tax planning will help drive C&B More forward. Gülsev obtained … Continued

Tax update: Dutch tonnage tax regime | national flag exemption 2021

One of the conditions that should be met to qualify for the favourable Dutch tonnage regime is the so-called flag requirement. In short, to qualify for the Dutch tonnage tax regime, a vessel should fly an EU/EEA flag. There are three exemptions to this flag requirement, one being a national exemption of which the (non-)application … Continued

UPDATE: Deferral of payment without third-party expert proof!

Earlier this week we wrote about support measures related to the corona virus. One of the measures is to obtain deferral of various taxes. This was subject to the condition that a so-called third expert statement had to be submitted within four weeks (after application). It is now known that this statement is no longer … Continued

Extensive fiscal and economic measures due to the corona virus

On Tuesday 17 March, the cabinet announced an extra package of fiscal and economic measures. These support measures are mainly aimed at Dutch entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. In this way, the cabinet is trying to prevent companies from going bankrupt and employees being hit hard financially. The most notable measures are the temporary scheme for … Continued

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