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Every company has to deal with taxation, which comes with opportunities and risks. C&B More has discovered that many companies have much to gain in terms of tax saving. Businesses can also benefit from covering risks better. This is a missed opportunity, as ensuring a good basis could produce attractive returns.

Thankfully, we love taxation. We would be happy to explore options for you and your company. This may involve existing structures, but we can also help implementing new investment and structuring plans.

While tax law is bound by national legislation, C&B More keeps an international perspective. Thanks to our extensive international experience, we have the capability to assist you with international tax matters. Furthermore, we have a wide international network with regular partners in various countries. If you have international tax questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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Investments often result in an improvement in efficiency or in an expansion of capacity. But before taking the step to take a decision to invest, it is wise to analyse the tax advantages that can be gained. There are many regulations that may even influence your investment choices. An investment is the perfect opportunity to consider your financing structure. What are the tax consequences of your plans? Are there obstacles or opportunities from a tax perspective? Will the structure actually yield the desired results? Can an investment structure reduce your financing needs? These are all fascinating questions, which we are happy to help you with.

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Under this tax facility, businesses only pay 9% corporate income tax on innovative activities. The more activities are designated as innovative, the greater the tax advantage. The sum saved can be quite substantial. Therefore, it is important to paint a clear picture of the activities that can be labelled as innovative. C&B More can help you with all the ins and outs of this tax facility. We will collaborate with you to maximise your ‘innovative profits’. But we can also establish a good and clear line of communication with the tax authorities. In short, we would be happy to help you optimise the value for money under this facility.

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We can imagine that you would like to tie your key employees or management team to your company in the best way. A high wage will not always be the best solution. Of course, job satisfaction is an important factor, but alternative forms of remuneration can help to have the desirable effect. In these cases people often think about stock options, but this solution is no longer tax efficient for a period of 10 years. Fortunately, other solutions are available, like providing (certain kind of) shares or stock appreciation rights (SAR). The best solutions depends on your specific circumstances. A start-up with a low capital and a fast growth rate will have other preferences than a grown-up company that would like to keep its key-employees. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. For this reason, we can quickly provide the correct context for your situation. We happily invite you for an open-ended meeting.

Entrepreneurs and enterprises are constantly looking for new opportunities. That is one of the reasons that numerous mergers & acquisitions are taking place. These projects have a major impact on all parties involved, emotionally as well as businesswise. Also from a tax perspective, there are a lot of important considerations. The acquiring party needs to know in advance all the tax risks regarding to the target, but also needs to consider a tax efficient structuring. At a later stage, one needs to consider the integration of the tax returns. The seller on the other hand would like to know his tax situation and the most tax efficient way to receive the proceeds.

Thus, a lot of considerations are in play and, therefore, sound tax advice would require a team that has all the knowledge and experience needed. C&B More has all the necessary expertise to address all these issues at hand. Should you have any questions, we would be happy to help.

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Assisting a restructuring process is fascinating and can be highly useful for a number of reasons. This may include limiting liability, facilitating the marketability of your business or tax advantages. For all of these reasons, restructuring tends to sound appealing, but it is very important to carefully consider the impact of such a change. Therefore, C&B More is only satisfied when it is fully aware of your wishes and of the wish underlying your wishes. As soon as we have established a clear picture, we will be more than happy to proceed with providing advice.

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Taxable losses is an interesting subject, with which C&B is pleased to assist you. You can only offset your company’s losses within a six-year period. This regulation is peculiar, but luckily there are methods to ‘rejuvenate’ your losses. By doing this in a sound manner, we can ensure that you maximise your taxable losses. We are pleased to help you explore the various options.

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The personal income tax, corporate income tax and VAT returns are often regarded as standard products. We would beg to differ, since the return contains a lot of valuable information. Based on the return, we can quickly paint a picture of the risks and possibilities at hand. With this information, we can give to-the-point advice for tax savings or even complete restructurings. Naturally, we will provide you with a high-quality tax return. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation.

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News and current events

UPDATE: Deferral of payment without third-party expert proof!

Earlier this week we wrote about support measures related to the corona virus. One of the measures is to obtain deferral of various taxes. This was subject to the condition that a so-called third expert statement had to be submitted within four weeks (after application). It is now known that this statement is no longer … Continued

Extensive fiscal and economic measures due to the corona virus

On Tuesday 17 March, the cabinet announced an extra package of fiscal and economic measures. These support measures are mainly aimed at Dutch entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. In this way, the cabinet is trying to prevent companies from going bankrupt and employees being hit hard financially. The most notable measures are the temporary scheme for … Continued

Tax plan 2020: changes to tonnage scheme

The European Commission has recently approved the extension of the application of the tonnage scheme for (i) large ships, (ii) so-called service ships and (iii) ship management. On the condition that the Netherlands tightens the tonnage scheme as of 1 January 2020 for (i) time or travel charter, (ii) the flag requirement and (iii) so-called … Continued

Dutch/Curacao shipping structure

We would like to present a tax proposition for ship-owning companies using the Curacao tonnage tax system and the Dutch participation exemption. The structure combines a Dutch holding company with an subsidiary on Curacao. Both The Netherlands and Curacao have tonnage tax regimes. Under such regime the actual profit is not taxed, but the taxable … Continued
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