A sound fiscal structure greatly contributes to healthy returns.

We are a seafaring nation. Therefore, C&B More has a great affinity with the maritime industry. It is a great industry with a major role for taxation. Interests in the industry are often substantial and choosing the right tax structure generally has a great impact in the long run. Our firm has ample experience with consultancy in the maritime industry. We have deliberately based our offices in Rotterdam and Groningen, to be close to the heart of the industry in the Netherlands. We have an extensive international network around the world to address international matters, as the maritime industry extends across the borders of the Netherlands. We are proud to operate in this sector and are more than willing to help you maximise your yield.

The tonnage tax scheme was introduced in the Netherlands in 1996 and is one of the main tax schemes that applies to the maritime industry. In brief, not the actual profits are taxed under this scheme, but taxable profits are rather determined based on a ship’s net tonnage. It is a very interesting tax scheme with a potential major influence on a company’s net yield. However, it is of paramount importance to properly arrange tax structures to maximise tax advantages. Thanks to its extensive maritime experience, C&B More knows all the pitfalls and opportunities of this specific scheme. Making the wrong choice could have major financial implications. Therefore, C&B More does not only examine your current situation, but also takes potential future scenarios into account. Which structure fits your company best? What are your company’s options to place your activities under this scheme? Since it is a major tax scheme in a special sector, we are happy to help you get the most out of this facility.

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In this capital-intensive sector, it is vital to have the right fiscal structure. At C&B More, we know how to help you in the best possible way. During an economic boom, we can help keep your taxable profits as low as possible and adopt an optimal financing structure. And in a recession, we can make the most of the situation. Particularly under such circumstances, it can turn out to be vital to have a plan that inspires bankers and investors to have confidence. Which tools should be used in such a situation? We will not limit ourselves to national regulations, but will explore relevant international options, such as tax lease structures.

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This scheme lowers wage costs for ships sailing under a Dutch flag. Although it is well-known facility in the maritime industry, it is not always applied properly. That is a pity, as your company may miss out on good opportunities, keeping your operating expenses at an unnecessarily high level. We have a long history in maritime consultancy and are perfectly equipped to help you with applying this scheme clearly and properly. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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International regulations regarding tax and social insurance contributions liability for seafarers are complex. The flag, the nationality of the seafarers, the area where the activities take place, the country where the ship’s actual management resides and the employer’s country are al relevant in determining the country where wage tax and social insurance contributions liability arises. Our firm is specialised in this area. Applied incorrectly, the regulations may have disastrous consequences, including fines and retrospective assessments. We can also imagine that as an employer you want to have insight into the tax consequences of hiring seafarers. We can help.

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Tax update: Dutch tonnage tax regime | national flag exemption 2021

One of the conditions that should be met to qualify for the favourable Dutch tonnage regime is the so-called flag requirement. In short, to qualify for the Dutch tonnage tax regime, a vessel should fly an EU/EEA flag. There are three exemptions to this flag requirement, one being a national exemption of which the (non-)application … Continued

UPDATE: Deferral of payment without third-party expert proof!

Earlier this week we wrote about support measures related to the corona virus. One of the measures is to obtain deferral of various taxes. This was subject to the condition that a so-called third expert statement had to be submitted within four weeks (after application). It is now known that this statement is no longer … Continued

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Tax plan 2020: changes to tonnage scheme

The European Commission has recently approved the extension of the application of the tonnage scheme for (i) large ships, (ii) so-called service ships and (iii) ship management. On the condition that the Netherlands tightens the tonnage scheme as of 1 January 2020 for (i) time or travel charter, (ii) the flag requirement and (iii) so-called … Continued
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