Denny Vermeer

Denny advises family businesses, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals on a wide range of topics. He specializes in advice on transfer, structuring and protection of assets. Commitment, confidentiality and sound advice are important core values ​​for him. Denny graduated in Commercial Law (2009) and Tax Law (2011). He completed both studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. … Continued

Daniël Scheerders

Daniël takes a level headed look at everything that comes his way, including complex tax issues. He gets a lot of energy from solving comprehensive issues, especially when they concern VAT. Daniël always puts the client’s interests first and therefore works in a very solution-oriented manner. Daniël is currently combining his master’s degree in Tax … Continued

Laurents de Lange

Laurents is eager to learn and at home in all fields. With his experience in the compilation and tax return practice at an accounting firm and with his current position as tax consultant, he has a broad interest. Besides his love for numbers, he sees tax law as a puzzle and perseveres until he finds … Continued

Jelmer Hollanders

The typical Rotterdam straight forward-mentality (‘recht door zee’) is recognizable in Jelmer’s methods while dealing with complex tax issues. It energizes him to search for tailor-made solutions for the unique challenges that the fiscal practice of C&B More provides. His endless drive to keep on learning, causes his progressive development of his knowledge of the … Continued

Rogier Ramtour

After his graduation research at C&B More, Rogier continued to work within the tax return practice of C&B More. By means of a critical attitude and a natural curiosity, he wants to contribute within the tax return practice and provide the clients with appropriate advice regarding the declaration. Rogier is currently combining working with his … Continued

Martine Liedmeier

In a team of specialists, it is nice to add a generalist. Martine is this generalist. She picks up what is needed and figures out how best to tackle it. She is a jack-of-all-trades with a good overview and an eye for detail. She takes care of all internal matters: from the preparation of the … Continued
Karin Schuring - aangifte - belastingsadviseur - Rotterdam _ Groningen

Karin Schuring

Karin is a part of C&B More’s tax return practice with enthusiasm and dedication. She gets the most satisfaction from unraveling and solving the tax return puzzle for her customers, in order to to get reliable advice. She does this in all openness and with a good dose of ‘Groningse nuchterheid’ (dutch common sense) as … Continued

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